How to Track Safelist Visitors

Typically, tracking traffic is something mysterious for the beginners. Especially, when it comes to tracking conversions.


I remember how it was for me. They said track your traffic, but I had no idea how to do it. Over the years I learned several ways to tracking.


In this post I’m going to reveal the easiest way to track traffic to your pages for those who are just started out.

Before we dive in, let’s take a brief overview why tracking is important

Traffic is a lifeblood of any online business. If your signup or sales page doesn’t get visitors that means your page is invisible.


It doesn’t exist, and no one knows about your offer. No matter how good is it.


So the more traffic you get the more chances people will buy from you or join your program.

But there’s one caveat: not all traffic is equal.


It differs by several metrics: its country, its source, its type. And it converts differently.


It can be such a dramatic difference when a few visitors from one source easily convert into a sale, while thousands visitors from another source don’t convert at all.


There was a case when a site from popular network converted 16,900% worse than the top site for those days.


Just think, the difference in results was



Sometimes you receive a bot traffic that scammers sell you. Imagine if you spent $100 to get 1,000 visits and 900 were bots. Unfortunately, it is not a rare case.


So it’s important to track which source is working, and which is not. Which source generates real visits and which is just a scam.


It’s easy to track actual hits from safelists to your page with Real Tracker. It’s the best solution for the beginners who want a simple yet powerful tool which is absolutely free.

Let’s create a tracking link for your affiliate page using this tool


First of all, you need the link or URL to promote your program. You can find these links for any site on a special page. It’s usually called “Promotion Tools”, “Promo Tools” or “Affiliate Links”, etc. Of course, you must be a member of the site.


I will use my Free Advertising For You affiliate link:

#1 is the site domain; #2 is one of the signup pages you’re going to promote; and #3 is your Referral ID. The system needs it to understand that a new member joined because of your efforts through your affiliate link.


The next step is to create a tracker for your page. Login to Real Tracker (LeadsLeap) and click “Track Links” at the main menu. Then click “Add a new track link” button.

Click the image to zoom in and open in a new tab

In the new window enter the URL you want to track (your affiliate link).

Click the “Add Now” button and you got your tracker.


There’s only one adjustment left. You need to disable cloaking (#2 below).

Click the image to zoom in and open in a new tab


The Edit button (#3) allows to edit your tracker. The Show detailed stats button (#4) shows you the statistics. To reset statistics click the “Reset stats” button (#5).

You don’t need advanced settings, just skip them. Click the “Save” button, and your new tracker is ready to use. You can test it by clicking the View Saved Link:

Next time you send an email at any safelist you insert the tracker in the “Site URL” area:

This tracker provides you with all the statistics you need:

  • a traffic site the visitor came from
  • a number of total, unique, and real visits
  • a country the visitor came from, etc.

You always can compare the numbers from the traffic site versus the numbers from your tracker. No surprise if it becomes your eye-opener.


If you want to see how the statistics report looks then visit the stats page by clicking here.


Next time we will talk about tracking conversions.


If you need help with tracking, then leave a reply. I’m here for you.


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