Amazing Contest – Win 3,000 Visitors to Your Site

Do you want to win 3,000 visitors to your site?

These are the same visitors and traffic that I use to sign up 100 people a week to my list.


Every month I run a contest where YOU can win this amazing prize.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Join Free Advertising For You (FAFY) from my link below


Click Here to Join Free Advertising For You

2. Log in to the site and earn 25 activity points. The fastest way to do it is to view 15 “1k Club” banners on this page


3. Email me at and tell me that you did it. Don’t forget to include your user ID at FAFY

As a bonus, I’ll send you 1,000 high-quality visitors to your URL just for completing these steps.


You’ll also be entered into the drawing for the grand prize of 3,000 visitors from the top 20 converting sites.


Note: This is for new members only. However, if you are already my referral then read below how you too can enter the contest.


If you want more guaranteed visitors and chances to win, you can also make a purchase in Free Advertising For You and let me know what you bought.


It doesn’t matter if you are a new or old referral. I’ll double your bonus visitors to 2,000 and give you two entries in the drawing.



Click Here to Join FAFY and Enter the Contest

Thank you for joining and good luck!



April 2024 Contest Participants

# User ID Date Entries 3 steps Guaranteed Visitors Grand Prize
1 Satter20 2024-04-08 1 completed 1,000 not yet
2 Radj55 2024-04-09 1 completed 1,000 not yet
3 usd1949 2024-04-10 1 completed 1,000 not yet
4 Mpeach42 2024-04-17 1 completed 1,000 not yet

Completed Contests Here

  1. Anna Loredana Orlando
    Anna Loredana Orlando says:

    Now is late for me but I will do it tomorrow morning,
    If I have any problem I will check with you!
    The other site Max Mailer I cannot find!
    Thanks for your kindness!
    Anna Loredana


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