December 11th – December 18th
110 Subscribers added



Eugene Uchuvatkin is here with this week’s numbers.


I have sent 15,821 visitors from 113 different traffic sources to my lead capture pages and added 110 members to my subscriber list in AWeber in the last week.


The average conversion rates are 144 visitors per signup.


I sent 12,503 visitors to the “Amazing Credits Giveaway” page and got 91 subscribers.


The other 19 subscribers came from 3,318 visitors to the “Best Converting Sites” page.


Here are my best-converting sites:


Traffic Source Hits Subscribers Conversion
Viral Mailer For You


(72 from Headline Ads)


(13 from Headline Ads)


(Headline Ads converted 6:1)

Herculist 2,277 12 190:1
Mister Safelist 258 8 32:1
Viral Commissions 984 8 123:1
Free Advertising For You 751 6 125:1
Prime Solo Ads 1,474 6 246:1
The Crypto Mailer 305 3 102:1
Jones-Fritz Marketing 288 3 96:1
Anytime Mailer 429 3 143:1
Viral Commando Profits 228 2 114:1
List Mailer Plus 327 2 164:1
Not Trackable 19
Sum 9,658 89 109:1
These sources have generated 89 subscribers for me in the last week. You can join each of them by clicking links in the first column of the spreadsheet.


21traffic sources brought 1 subscriber each. They are not listed.


I use HitsConnect to track my traffic. You can join it by clicking the link below.


Reading my reports is a great way to start building your list of sites that you should be visiting daily.


However, no site will generate results unless you use it. Take action and follow through today.